Nestled right next door to Covington, Abita Springs is a picturesque town known for its historic district and its refreshing spring water. Abita Springs has that small town atmosphere everyone who lives in the big city craves.

Originally, Abita Springs began as a getaway from the heat of New Orleans during the summer, but eventually, the casual lifestyle began to draw more and more people. Today, on any given Sunday, you can head to the Brew Pub and find it full of Tammany Trace bicyclers taking a break from their efforts to have a quick bite and a cool drink.

Abita Springs has been a refuge for visitors since 1905, offering a respite from the summer heat, and even a type of medicinal retreat. Not just for those who want to feel better - Abita Springs became a popular place for lovers of the flora and fauna.

Even though its popularity decreased in the 1930’s, today, visitors and residents alike appreciate Abita Springs for the same reasons they did a century ago. Today, the tall pine trees, clear spring water, fun things to do and friendly people welcome you home. Nestled right next door to Covington, Abita Springs is close enough to New Orleans to enjoy a night out, but far enough away to enjoy small town living at its best.

When you visit Abita Springs no matter what you’re looking for, whether it’s the quiet, or the friendly neighbors, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place. Arts and entertainment are right where you are, with live music at the Brew Pub or the Abita Springs Opry on Saturday night at the Town Hall.

So pay us a visit, and if this feels like somewhere you would like to live and raise your family, call me. Together we will find you a beautiful home in Abita Springs.