Have you ever considered…..

Becoming a Real Estate Agent

If so, by all means, read on -

What kind of person makes a good real estate agent?

Real estate agents come in all colors, shapes, sizes and personality types, but the best ones all have one thing in common. They are self-starters and all highly motivated. They go to work every day because they enjoy the challenge. Every contract is a Win, and good agents LOVE to Win!

What is a career in real estate all about?

Being a Real estate agent is all about Time Management. It’s about spending time wisely prospecting for new clients and setting appointments... it’s knowing that without prospecting, you can’t get appointments, without appointments, you can’t make a sale, and without sales, you can’t make a living.

It’s also about being curious -  about always wanting to broaden your knowledge, whether it’s staying on top of what the market is doing or just learning more about your own professiion…. It’s always about improving your own self so you can better serve your clients.

Advantages of self-employment…. And the disadvantages

Real estate agents are totally self-employed. Totally!! No boss to tell them what time to come to work, or how to spend their time, or fire them if they decide not to work. For some, this lact of supervision can also be a disadvantage.

This means that to be successful, a real estate agent must have the maturity to see the practice of real estate as more than just a job. It is a profession, A career.  As a professional, you will have the opportunity to earn as much and go as far as your own efforts will take you, And while there are no guaranteed paychecks on the 15th and 30th, there are also no income limits.

Still interested?

Good. Because the real estate profession has so much to offer truly intelligent men and women who genuinely enjoy working with the public. When you consider that the purchase or sale of a home is often the largest single transaction a person makes in his or her lifetime, it is even more imperative that they have the guidance and expertise of a highly trained Realtor.

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